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“And Moses did as the Lord commanded him: and he took Joshua, and set him before Eleazar the priest, and before all the congregation:”

Main Point: When it’s all over, obey God to the end.

God tells Moses to come up a mountain and see the Promised Land that he has been leading the people to and that he will not be able to enter because of his sin. God says that after he has seen the Promised Land, he will die. Before this actually takes place though, God commands Moses to a some other things. He appoints Joshua and begins retelling laws about the sacrifices. It must have been hard for Moses to still do these things for God. He is fully and more than ever aware that His life will soon end. Everything he has lived for he will not be able to see, and death is near. However, he still wills to serve God. He does what God commands him to do. His life belongs to God until the end. His life is not his own. Even without the Promised Land, he seems satisfied with God and what God had used him for and would finish using him for.

I need to remember this. My life is not my own. I may never accomplish what I labored for, but my life is God’s until the end. Whatever He wants of me is what I gladly give. Even if He never uses my life for what I hoped He would, there is still reason to chose Him above anything else. Moses could have realized that he was going to die without seeing the Promised Land, got mad, and done his own thing and partied the short remainder of his life. However, his heart was for God and the things of God. He chose God over anything else, even over his hopes and plans and desires. God was enough. That should be my attitude, my lifestyle. God has all of me, until the end. If He wrecks my life, so be it, I am His, He is mine, there is no greater thing. I choose Him.

I see God’s fellowship with a sinful man. I see the changed life of a sinful man who was saved by God and the truth of grace how sinful man deserves nothing good from a holy God, but still God chooses and desires to have a relationship with us. God is good enough that we would choose to love Him as now His children and friends.

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