15:25 | 1 c h r o n i c l e s

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Main point: When you fail God, get back up and do right.

In this chapter, David tries again to take the ark of the covenant to his city. The first time, somebody died because of him and them not following the instructions. However, he did not just give up, he took that failure and moved on and did better. He repented from his disobedience and he kept going the right way.

I need to remember this. When I fail God, don’t quit. I am going to fail God at times, I am not perfect. But when I do, I cannot stay there, defeated. I must keep going in His strength. Verse 26 says that God helped them this time. Keep going for Him and with Him. Don’t stay down, move forward, He loves me.

This shows the gospel in showing the failure of man’s righteousness and the sufficiency and abundance of God’s. Man’s righteousness is not enough. We have failed, but don’t stay there because it is the way to hell. Repent of our righteousness and turn to God’s through faith in Jesus Christ.

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