21:2 | 1 c h r o n i c l e s

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Main point: Pride is a killer.

In this chapter, David gets all of Israel numbered even after being warned not to. Israel was smitten because of it. I didn’t understand the problem here until I thought about it. David wasn’t numbering for strategy, they had been winning battles this whole time. He wasn’t numbering and counting his blessings. He was numbering to see how well he had done, how good of a king and leader he was. It was not God focused- it was man focused.

I need to remember this. Always focus on God. Pride will kill. Always remember that God is the mighty One. He is in control. He is the One who makes my life what it is.

This shows the gospel by showing the consequences for sin. The consequence for man’s inevitable sin is death and hell. That is why Jesus died, to save us from ourselves.

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