22:5 | 1 c h r o n i c l e s

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Main point: Serve God even if you’re not the leader, even if you won’t see results, out of the abundance of your heart.

In this chapter, David prepares for the building of the temple. It has already been made clear to him that he will not be the one to build it. However, that did not stop him from serving God and doing what he could. He got all the materials together for the temple, he told his son that he would be the one to do it, he got everything set up, he did as much as he could. He would not be the one to actually do it, he would not get credit for it, but he was overwhelmed with love for God so he wanted to serve God however he could.

I need to remember this. Even if I’m not the leader, even if I will never see the results, I should be so full of love for God that I cannot help but serve Him however I can. He is worthy, He is good, I love Him. Serve Him.

This shows the gospel by showing redemption. David had sinned so much and that is why he was not allowed to build the temple. However, God allows Him to love and serve Him still. That is what happens when we get saved. We should be worthless and hopeless, but God gives us new life to live for Him.

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