25:7 | 1 c h r o n i c l e s

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Main point: Music is important in God’s worship.

This chapter tells about all the men that were chosen for the specific part of music in God’s worship. There were hundreds of them. They were listed just like the priest and soldiers. This was something that was important.

I need to remember this. Music is important when worshiping God. He tells us to sing to Him. He tells us to worship Him with instruments. Something that David Dipboye always says is how great God is to require a worship that is so fun and joyful. The worship He requires is music. To sing, play instruments, to make music for God is so fun. Other false gods have ways of worshipping them which are torturous and inflict pain. However, our God desires that we sing to him. He is good.

This shows the gospel in showing man’s response to a loving God. After salvation, we worship Him from our hearts, in joy.

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