27:33 | 1 c h r o n i c l e s

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Main point: Three things a leader needs.

This chapter is about kind of the government set up in Israel. Part of the chapter talks about David’s personal posse. It mentions three things that he, as king, had. 1) First and obviously, he had workers. He had people in charge of all the substance that he owned as king of a nation. 2) He had a counselor. Even as king, he set up accountability for himself. With a counselor it takes a hit to ones pride. Many times it probably felt like it was the counsellor ruling and making decision for the nation instead of David, but he realized the importance of good counsel and accountability. 3) He had a companion. This was not a wife, it was a friend. People say leadership is a lonely place. However, a leader needs companions. He needs someone or people who he is not necessarily their leader and they are not his leader. He need people that aren’t his workers and aren’t his counsellors.

I need to remember this. This trinity of leadership is something God had designed. He uses His children for His children. We are a body so we should function as one with different parts.

This shows the gospel in showing what happens after salvation. People become part of the body of Christ which has different functions. All to glorify our God who saved us, we work, help, and encourage.

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