O, Christmas Tree!

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Yet another Christmas season has come and gone. Bellies fuller, wallets emptier, the most wonderful time of the year. As I stare at a Christmas tree, two weeks out of style, I am reminded of China.

Many people joke that, everything is made in China. This statement is actually much closer to reality than a joke. The list of things in America that come from China includes, but is not limited to, yes, plastic Christmas trees.

How odd that, a country that doesn’t even celebrate Christmas would be so instrumental in the celebration of ours. And thus, as the country of China sends things to our country to help us celebrate this season of the birth of Jesus Christ, we send something better to help them celebrate the season of the birth of Christ. Missionaries. The gospel. The reason for the season. For no one can truly celebrate Christmas without understanding that He came and why He came. That’s why we’re not the ones shipping Christmas trees, we’re shipping missionaries. Merry Christmas, China. We’re comin’ for ya.

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