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The following is an except from a blog I was keeping during my missions internship in China.

Keep in mind:
*Prior to the trip I was living in Bowling Green, KY
*My internship was in Harbin, China- a city of over 10 million people


…Next, we head to Dragon Tower as the sun sets. The elevator shoots 76 floors into the sky. We arrive at a fenced-in observation deck from which all of Harbin can be seen. Since we’re obviously crazy, we strap on harnesses and begin to walk along the outside of the fence where the only thing between you and 76 floors of thin air is…nothing.It’s breathtaking to walk in a big circle and see a city of millions of people with rows of skyscrapers packed in, filed tightly, completely surrounding you 360°.

Now, if someone asked you how you were doing, you might make the “a-okay” sign with one hand held by your face and give a little wink, you know, if that’s your thing. However, if you did that on top of this building, then placed the “o” from the “a-okay” a few inches from your one-open-eye and look down at the biggest buildings you could see, inside that little circle alone, you would see and contain the population of Bowling Green, KY.

You know how many churches and Christians there are in Bowling Green, KY? I don’t either. But I know there are a lot. You know how many churches and Christians there were inside my fingers? I don’t either. But I’m pretty sure you could count the Christians on one hand, and that there were next to no churches, at all. And that is not “a-okay.”

There’s a need for the gospel around the world. There’s a need for the gospel in China

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