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The following is an except from a blog I was keeping during my missions internship in China.

Keep in mind:

*At this point, we were holding church service 6 times a weekend. Twice on Saturday and 4 times on Sunday, not to mention midweek services

*This Sunday, we had already done Sunday school and morning service at the first church, Sunday school and morning service at the second church, now we were about to start the first of two evening services back at the first location

*I lived in the first church location



We head back to the first church. We have a couple hours until the service begins. Nap and wake up. Oh man, they mixed up my order. I ordered the power nap with a side of wake-up-energetic and large smile, not the mediocre nap with a side of wake–up-miserable and small headache. Well, what are you going to do. When life gives you lemons, trade them in for a Red Bull.

I go to the store across the street for a little pick-me-up. Red Bull can full, Red Bull can opened, Red Bull can empty. I can feel the power surge through me. I’d smash the can on my forehead except that Red Bull cans are pretty sturdy and, oh yeah, I’m not crazy. I do a pretty hard-core toss in the recycle bin, though. Ready for the fifth church service of the day! Let’s do this, again.

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