Hey, man

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The following is an except from a blog I was keeping during my missions internship in China.

Keep in mind:

*One of my ministries at church was bringing in and reaching out to new Chinese guys

*Carson is a Chinese believer that I had begun discipling

*My name is Edward


When your job is to love people, things can get interesting, because people are interesting:



Church seemed a little low in numbers today. However, two new guys came. The first guy’s name is Eric. He is actually Carson’s friend. Carson invited him to come a long time ago but he is just now having time to come check it out. Awesome. After the service, I see the other new guy standing by himself. When I say standing, I actually mean dancing very strangely to himself in his own little world.

I approach him with the classic, “Hey man, what’s your name?”


Of course it would be. “Really? My name is Edward too!”

“Oh? And my last name is Maggie.”

It’s like looking into a mirror. Our first names are the same, we stand alone very awkwardly, we are both very strange people. I invite him to play a game with some of the other guys and he agrees. He comes in last place every time. We are seriously the same person.



Hello, my name is ___________.
“Ni hao, wo jiao ___________.”
nee • how, woh • jee-yow

“Ni hao, wo jiao Edward Maggie.”


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