Wang Rui

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A group of Chinese students and I (middle) act out the story of Jesus at a Christmas event. Wang Rui circled in red.

Wang Rui
[wah-ng • roo-eih]

July 22nd

There is class tonight. We have dropped from eight people to six. Eh, it’s all good. When I announce that we will begin class with a Bible study, a surprising, “Yeah!” comes from the one guy who still has never come to church. All the other members of the class now attend the church, although three of them are still not Christian. I was glad and pleasantly surprised to see how enthusiastic about the Bible he was. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that enthusiastic of a response from anyone, not even the church goers, much less the guy who has never been to a church service in his life! Sheesh, I hope the lesson I’ve prepared is half way decent. Three hours later both the class and Bible study have been conquered. I hope this guy comes to church. That’s why I teach this free class. That’s why I begin with a Bible study


July 31st

The two new guys come to church again. Also, the guy from my free class who has never come to church before, came! This is awesome! After church, he and a bunch of us stay and hang out, gather around a table, and play a game. Supposedly, it’s a four-player game and you’re only supposed to use one hand. We play in teams of two. Eight players. Sixteen hands. During the game, the girl intern’s roommate (Tan- Chinese girl heavily involved in the church) gets really in to it. She wins a game. Slaps the table. Fist pump followed by a fully elevated peace-sign, other hand’s fingers covering mouth, one leg popped up and out to the side, eyes become two simple black arches. You thought Japanese anime was fake. It’s real in China.

The group decides to continue hanging out and go to dinner. I am dead tired and if it weren’t for the fact that the two new guys said they would go, I’d be in my bed sleeping. And then, Tan convinces the guy from my class to stay out late with us and spend the night at my place with my roommates and I! This guy came to church for the first time, hung out with a bunch of Christians and other unbelievers seeking God, and is going to spend the night with a missionary and two Chinese guys training for full-time ministry?! What an opportunity to continue to influence this guy for Christ! Thanks, Tan! When he agrees, she pumps both fists in the air running in place. For some reason I quickly morph into an anime character and copy her exact mannerisms. Fists pumping and in place running, what am I doing? Calm down. Clear throat. Straighten out shirt. I’m cool, I’m cool.



July 24th

I have a sermon I am working on and have to finish pretty soon. However, I’ve already made lunch plans with a couple of guys to talk about the Bible and Jesus. During lunch, I ask the guy from class (the one who “yeah!”-ed my announcement about Bible study in class) about his past experience with the Bible. Turns out that his uncle is a Christian and while he was in middle school, he spent a few days with his uncle who told him to read the Bible. He’s never touched it since, but has been interested the whole time.

“Before, I think the Bible is just some interesting stories. But now, I think it can talk about the truth.”

Bible = truth. That’s a good start. We’re going to start studying the Bible together next week.

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