“Words of Wisdom with Nai Nai”

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“Words of Wisdom with Nai Nai”


“Nai Nai”

nigh • nigh

Grandmas tend to be such a vital part of society. I mean, many times grandmas are where we first learn about life as kids and they can easily shape young minds. Well, in China, it’s not much different. Watch as this grandma, or “Nai Nai” helps her little granddaughter navigate through life the Chinese way.








Thanks again, Nai Nai. What would we do without your words of wisdom.

     Though the way of thinking in China on some matters is sometimes a little bit off, we are going there because their way of thinking on the most important matter is off. They do not believe Jesus is the way to heaven. So, we go to preach the gospel!



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